As a nonprofit committed to improving communication, transparency, and the use of evidence in the sciences, Sense About Science USA is proud to partner with and support the March for Science. Like the organizers of the March, we believe that it is vital to have open and clear communication between the scientific community and the public. We look forward to supporting scientists in this endeavor, and ensuring that they are addressing the questions and concerns of those in their communities.

In Their Words

On this World Kidney Day, March 9, a story of living donation.

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Looking back, as we move forward

What was the biggest stats lesson of 2016? Data isn’t dead, rather the limitations of data are not always well reported.

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Media Guide for Scientists

What to do before, during, and after a media interview.
Available for download and printable in black and white, or color.

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Sense About Science USA

We are improving communication, transparency, and the use of evidence in the sciences.  Get involved in our projects!

AllTrials USA

We create the tools, training, and guidance for patients, physicians, academics, pharmaceutical companies, and funders to advance transparency in clinical trials. We are building a grassroots network of engaged supporters to improve transparency in medical research.


We create resources and workshops for journalists and researchers to improve statistical literacy in scientific research and the news. We achieve this by working with academic statisticians through a collaboration with the American Statistical Association.

Scientifically Speaking

We create communication tools and workshops for scientists to promote effective public engagement. We want to bring science and society closer together by encouraging early-career scientists to participate in public outreach throughout their career.