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Our mission is to create and curate a national conversation about the value of scientific progress and the importance of evidence and transparency.
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Two days after the U.N. called for global action on clinical trial transparency,
the U.S. gov’t announces new trial rules.

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What do we mean by “reproducibility”?

The current call to improve scientific research reliability and transparency is admirable, but the discussion is often confusing, especially when terms like “replication” and “reproducibility” are used differently across scientific fields.

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The origin story of the global campaign to find missing medical research.
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Media Guide for Scientists

What to do before, during, and after a media interview.
Available for download and printable in black and white, or color.
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The incredibly complex case of missing medical research

You may have heard that almost half of all the clinical trials ever conducted have never been reported. Research suggests it’s more than half…
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