On July 29, over 50 organizations, representing 500,000 patients, doctors, and researchers in the United States, came together to launch the AllTrials campaign in the US. They join a worldwide campaign calling for every clinical trial—past, present, and future—to be registered and the results from it reported. Why? Because we want to fix medicine and science.

The results of roughly half of all clinical trials remain hidden; trials with positive results are twice as likely to be published as trials with negative results.

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650 organizations have endorsed the AllTrials campaign; they include medical associations, patient groups, scientific societies, and even pharmaceutical companies.

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pen3Over 87,726 people have signed the AllTrials petition; wherever you are in the world, your support helps doctors and patients: please sign the petition!

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The AllTrials campaign started with a single donation of $8,000 in 2013. Since then, over 3,000 people have donated to the campaign, helping to turn it into a global phenomenon.

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Nearly 200 people have contributed to our gofundme AllTrials video!

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