Please note that this is a forum for statisticians and mathematicians to critically evaluate the design and statistical methods used in studies. The subjects (products, procedures, treatments, etc.) of the studies being evaluated are neither endorsed nor rejected by Sense About Science USA. We encourage readers to use these articles as a starting point to discuss better study design and statistical analysis. While we strive for factual accuracy in these posts, they should not be considered journalistic works, but rather pieces of academic writing. 


AllTrials Centerpiece of New Online Course

AllTrials will be a centerpiece of a new online course taught by the University of Miami and called Health Information Exchange. The course is part of a certification program beginning in January 2016.

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A Big Leap For Medicine: AMA Embraces Trial Reform

The largest association of medical doctors and students in the US, the American Medical Association (AMA)—which represents over 228,000 current healthcare providers—will decide in the coming weeks whether to publicly support the AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency in the US.

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Who took our survey

Who took our survey   Of the 218 journalists who took our survey, 150 have a science background (BS, MS, PhD, MD, etc). 58 percent of respondents have either undergraduate or graduate journalism degrees, or both. It was an almost even split between freelancers...

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After the Interview

After the Interview   Open channels: 92% of journalists responded that they are always open to scientists calling them if they have more information ; and 94% of journalists said that always or most of the time scientists can contact them if they feel that they...

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During the interview

During the Interview What’s “on the record”: About 67% of journalists infrequently or never explain what being on the record means when interviewing a scientist

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