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How many times have you watched the news or read a magazine article and seen a statistical blooper? How often have you wished you could explain to them how to get the statistics right?

Next time that happens, get involved! Drop us a note telling us what you saw or read and why it was wrong. Or, alternatively, share why the writer got it right and should be applauded.

We can help your voice be heard through or potentially other media outlets. We want to have more statisticians and data-driven scientists writing for a general audience, which means your input is essential.

Be part of by suggesting a topic and working with us to get it written. Be part of creating a conversation about the importance of statistical literacy.

[contact-form-7 id=”1632″ title=”Contact form 1″] is a statistical literacy project run by Sense About Science USA in collaboration with the American Statistical Association. Sense About Science USA is a nonprofit (501c3) based in Brooklyn, New York. We work from the back of a bakery and cafe. We don’t have fancy offices; we put our money into doing; every little bit helps. Donate here.

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